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Plaza Mayor

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"Seasonal: Madrid's historic and iconic square, the Plaza Mayor is enclosed by picturesque facades adorned with frescoes, offering visitors a glimpse into the city's vibrant past. At Plaza Mayor, immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere as locals and tourists converge in this bustling hub. Admire the elegant 17th century architecture, intricate details of the surrounding buildings, and the central statue of King Philip III during whose reign the plaza was built. As you explore, indulge in traditional Spanish cuisine at one of the numerous cafes and restaurants lining the square, offering a perfect spot to savor tapas or a leisurely meal. Throughout the year, Plaza Mayor hosts various events, markets, and celebrations, making it a cultural focal point for festivities and entertainment. During the holiday season, the square comes alive with a festive Christmas market, especially for the little ones, adding a magical touch to its already charming ambiance. Children can enjoy the lively atmosphere, see Santa Claus, and explore stalls selling toys, sweets, and holiday decorations. Dates: Late Noviembre to early January Schedule: Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 9pm. Friday and Saturday: 10am to 10pm. Christmas Eve: 10am to 10pm. Christmas Day: Closed Metro: Sol "
"This historic cobbled square is located in the heart of Madrid, It is surrounded by arches filled with cafes and restaurants. Back in the 1600s Plaza Mayor was the main square of Madrid, and so many things happened here - from bullfights to trials during the inquisition."
"Madrid iconic square."
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