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Porta Palazzo

About Porta Palazzo

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What people say

"The Porta Palazzo market in Torino is known as the largest in Europe. It has its centre in Piazza della Repubblica, which with its 51,300 m² is the largest square in the city. The name derives from the ancient Roman gate, called Palatina o Comitale. Apart from the space reserved for farmers, the remaining stalls host sellers from all over the world who exhibit all sorts of products, from food and wine to a wild variety of items. Porta Palazzo for many is associated with the nearby Balon: the latter already in 1698 was a place of bargaining for cattle and agricultural products. It is a particular place, that could resemble the "flea market" in Paris or Portobello in London, where it is possible to find both valuable antique objects and cheap goods. Balon takes its name perhaps from a valley (Valon and then Balon) that the land formed with a slope towards the Dora, or from a sphaeristerium of the eighteenth century (ball game – Balon). "
"I read that this is the biggest open-air market in Europe but don't quote me (it feels like it) If you're looking for an authentic experience of the local food scene in Turin, Mercato di Porta Palazzo is the place to go. The open-air market with goods from fruit and vegetables, food, footwear, clothing, housewares, and plants. - You are allowed to haggle as well! "
"Visit the fruit, vegetable, and food market in Torino. Considered one of the largest open-air markets in Europe. This is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the local culture of Torino, getting to know its typical products, seasonal fruits, and people. Here you will find the ideal products to take home from your trip."

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Piazza della Repubblica, 10152 Torino TO, Italy
+39 011 521 6242
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