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Brandenburg Gate

About Brandenburg Gate

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What people say

"The Brandenburg Gate was built in the late 18th century and restored in the 1950s after being damaged during WWII. It was built as one of the main entries to Berlin. It's a classic monument in a nice area, so it's definitely worth seeing. The Brandenburger Tor stop on the U5 takes you right there. If you're traveling from Alexanderplatz, take the train in the direction of Berlin Hbf. "
"Throughout history, this monument has been the site for numerous historical events. Most notably, it was used as a party symbol by the Nazis and was located in East Berlin, right next to the border for West Berlin. Currently, there is a marker where the Berlin Wall once stood, which is a reminder of the city's harrowing past. Price: Free"
"An iconic symbol of Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate is a neoclassical monument that has witnessed many historical events. It stands as a testament to peace and unity, marking the city's tumultuous yet resilient past."
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