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About Rajasthan

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What people say

"Transport yourself to royalty = visit the extravagant heritage-rich state of Rajasthan! Also known as the 'Land of Kings', they serve some of India's most unique and fine architectural gems, craved with colorful, intricate, magnificent designs these palaces & forts, are sure to leave you spellbound. The state has interestingly managed to maintain its strong tradition (not a strong point in an evolving nation yet) that you will spot in many nooks. From the voices of men singing goosebumps evoking folk music to watching ladies dance the Ghoomar (one of the traditional folk dances) to eating Dal Bhati Churma to camping in the Desert with the camels under the clear skies to wearing 'Lac' made jewelry that adds to the colorful Bandhej clothing, culture literally screams at you! Get your sunscreen, water bottle, and a bunch of hot & cold weather clothes ready, for you will have an experience of both in this desert state! Here are my top destinations in this state for you to visit: -Jaipur aka 'The Pink City' courtesy of the Prince of Wales. -Pushkar, the holiest town of Rajasthan, also holds the world-renowned Pushkar Mela (Camel festival- one of world's largest cattle fairs). -Jodhpur aka 'The Blue City', where the city is painted blue to keep the temperatures pleasant. -Udaipur aka the city of lakes, this one's for you royal romance lovers! -Ajmer, which serves as a major pilgrimage for the Islamic culture. - With all the above popular spots covered, one must indulge themselves in lesser-known villages and desert camps to get more to the core of the Marwari culture. While the regality of this place stands, so does its conservative attitude, so be mindful of what you wear and where you travel, and at what time of the day, especially when solo. Regardless, don't let any of that stop you from discovering this royal desert state! "
"Le Rajasthan, c'est la destination par excellence que les voyageurs visitent le plus. Ses palais, ses forts, son architecture en font une destination digne d'un conte des mille et une nuits. C'est également une destination assez intense, qui en fait parfois un séjour très mouvementé pour une première fois en Inde. Je vous conseille de prendre votre temps, au moins 2-3 nuits par étape."

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