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Zia Rosetta

About Zia Rosetta

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What people say

"This tiny shop on Via Urbana attracts people from all over the city for their gourmet sandwiches. Traditionally the ‘Rosetta’ has a crusty exterior and a hollow center which is usually filled with a slice of mortadella and eaten as a quick and simple lunch. At Zia Rosetta they have perfected the bread recipe and fill the sandwiches with the most innovative, seasonal and delicious ingredient combinations"
"Semplici come solo delle Rosette farcite sanno essere ma uniche per gli abbinamenti con cui vengono proposte. Materie prime d'eccellenza assemblate con fantasia, rendono questi panini dei piccoli Bon Bon di gusto Questo localino nel cuore del Rione Monti rende omaggio al tipico formato di pane Italiano, la Rosetta, reinterpretandolo in chiavi moderna 🥪🔝"
"This is a small establishment that serves sandwiches made out of only the Rosetta bread, a classic roman bread that looks like the back of a turtle "

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