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About Xochimilco

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What people say

"One of the best activities if you enjoy a good party! This is essentially a cultural booze cruise where you rent a boat on the canals, drink and enjoy musical performances*. It is definitely the most fun on the weekends and with a group of friends (although you can often form a group when there or join a tour with others!) How to get there: - about an hour drive from Roma Norte - Metro: ride the metro to Terminal Xochimilco then walk about 10 mins to Embarcadero (There's often "guides" pressuring tourists to let them lead the way but it is a fairly simple walk on your own with maps.) - Uber: about 200-300MXN (depending on time of day) but can take longer than metro due to traffic! - Take a tour from the city: there are many tours available on GetYourGuide or Airbnb Experience that include transportation and alcohol Boat Rentals: Boats are rented BY BOAT so the more people you have, the cheaper it is per person (many hold up to 20 people). They are rented by the hour and we recommend 2hrs minimum. The government regulates that boat operators can charge no more than 500MXN per hour, but they will often throw out crazy numbers so be prepared to haggle! If you are very good at negotiating, you may be able to get the down to 400MXN/hr, but anywhere between 400-500MXN is fairly standard. Hours: 9am-6pmish *bring tips for musical performers "
" Drive 40 minutes south of the city and you'll witness the closest approximation to the Valley of Mexico (in which Mexico City lies) before the arrival of the Spanish. The World Heritage Site of Xochimilco, the extensive lake and canal system that once connected most of the settlements in the valley, is an incredible vestige of the area's pre-Hispanic past. Start at the Embarcadero Belem dock to board a colorful gondola-like boat, called a trajinera, and explore the waterways and artificial islands or chinampas."
"We did a boat tour here and had such a fun time exploring the ancient Aztec canals and floating islands. Of course, we also enjoyed some classic festivities, like playing lotería, taking many shots of tequila, and learning how to make an authentic michelada. Here is the tour we used, if you're interested:"

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