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About Uetliberg

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What people say

"Just outside of Zurich! Perched majestically above the vibrant city of Zurich, Uetliberg offers a serene escape into nature just moments from urban life. As the highest vantage point in the Zurich area, this majestic mountain beckons adventurers and nature lovers alike to explore its scenic trails and panoramic viewpoints. Embark on a leisurely hike through verdant forests and rolling meadows, where wildflowers bloom and birdsong fills the air. Along the way, soak in breathtaking views of Zurich, Lake Zurich, and the distant Swiss Alps, providing a stunning backdrop to your outdoor adventure. At the summit, visitors can marvel at the iconic Uetliberg Tower and enjoy a refreshing beverage at the mountain restaurant while basking in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. "
"At 2,850 feet above sea level, Uetliberg towers over the rooftops of Zürich. The mountain affords an impressive panoramic view of the city, the lake and the Alps. The Uetliberg is particularly popular in November, as its summit is often above the blanket of fog that can cover the city at this time of year. You can easily reach the short walk up by train and enjoy a drink and meal at the top. On days with clear skies you can even see the famous alps on the horizon. "
"A great half-day out with stunning views of the city of Zurich and Lake Zurich, all the way to the distant Alps. Climb the lookout tower (2 CHF) or have a meal at UTO KULM on top. You can also just buy a snack and take a seat at the lookout area with unforgettable views. You can hike your heart out around here or even do some sledding here in winter."

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