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"Bangkok is an incredible city that truly has something for everyone, including solo female travellers like myself who are on the lookout for local food, art, nature, and cultural immersion. As someone with dietary restrictions, I was delighted to find that Bangkok's food scene has plenty of halal options, as well as delicious lactose-free dishes that cater to my lactose intolerance. One of my favourite things about Bangkok is the city's vibrant art scene. From street art and murals to galleries and museums, there's always something new and exciting to discover. I especially loved exploring the city's street art scene and discovering hidden gems in the most unexpected places. But Bangkok isn't all about the urban hustle and bustle. There are also plenty of opportunities to connect with nature and get some exercise in. For example, I went on a beautiful hike in the Khao Yai National Park, where I was rewarded with stunning views of lush forests, waterfalls, and wildlife. Of course, no trip to Bangkok would be complete without immersing oneself in the local culture. Whether it's visiting one of the city's many temples, wandering through a bustling market, or simply people-watching in a busy public square, there are endless opportunities to experience the unique energy and charm of this amazing city. Overall, I found Bangkok to be an incredibly hip, cool, and friendly city that left a lasting impression on me. If you're a solo female traveller who loves local food, art, nature, hiking, and immersing yourself in local culture, then Bangkok is definitely a must-visit destination!"
"The capital of Thailand. By the end of our stay here, I was convinced I was ready to move here. It is a very large international city. Traffic can sometimes be an issue, but we just planned that into our travel time. You can learn how to use the Skytrain, but we felt like we didn’t have enough time to figure out and Grab was still so cheap to use to get around."
"Bangkok, Thailand's dynamic capital, seamlessly merges ancient culture with contemporary energy. Explore revered temples, vibrant markets, and indulge in the city's diverse culinary scene. From historic landmarks to bustling streets, Bangkok's captivating blend of tradition and modernity ensures an unforgettable urban adventure."
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