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Ninja Akasaka

About Ninja Akasaka

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What people say

"This was not your typical dinner. I would say you are truly paying more for the entertainment, complete with NINJA magic, making it an experience and dining choice for the kids. Thoughts: As for the food, we thought it was OK. However, we did have a late omakase lunch and were still quite full from that. Definitely recommend spacing out these two experiences on different days."
"5/5 Need to Go. Dive into an epic ninja adventure at Ninja Tokyo, where dining transforms into an exhilarating quest for families, complete with stealthy servers, magical entertainment, and a feast that caters to the bravest of young ninjas and their parents."
"This restaurant was sold out even a month before my trip which was shocking! It's on the expensive side and from the video I watched the dishes are gourmet and you get the nice Ninja experience. So check it out as soon as you book your flight tickets! "

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