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Old Market

About Old Market

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What people say

"Heinzels Wintermรคrchen at Alter Markt is more focused on handmade goods and decorations. There are a few food stalls, while Heumarkt has more food stalls. Be sure to check both out as they are super unqiue! The two sections of Heinzels Wintermรคrchen (at Heumarkt and at Alter Markt) are connected with an alley, dubbed Antique Alley. Here you will find things like books, jewelry, Christmas decorations and more! "
"Heumarkt is the main square of Cologne Altstadt and its Christmas Markets are lovely. If youโ€™re not visiting the city during Christmas time, it is possible that youโ€™ll find any other event because it is often a centre of local concerts, markets and events. "

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