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Tropicana Hostel

About Tropicana Hostel

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What people say

"EVA'S TIP ❗: Why do I recommend this Hostel? I didn't stay in the hostel, but I did the Acatenango hike with them, and it was absolutely amazing! The perfect price, a great basecamp location and a great service, too. The hostel infrastructure and vibes were amazing, and the customer attention, too. So I would suggest staying here for sure. "
"This hostel is very popular but not because of the amenities. The bunk beds are stacked three on top of each other but its very cheap. They also organize an Acatanango hike so many people stay here for that reason. There is a nice rooftop with a view and hostel activities. "
"EN: The bar is located on the hostel's rooftop. It offers a beautiful view of the volcanoes. Young atmosphere. FR : Le bar est situé sur le toit de l'auberge. Il offre une belle vue sur les volcans. Ambiance jeune."

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