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Allas Sea Pool

About Allas Sea Pool

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What people say

"Allas Sea Pool is modern sauna right in the heart of the city with steam saunas, a warm swimming pool and a filtered sea water pool (same temperature as the sea on the day you go). Allas Sea Pool also has a nice restaurant and bar and they offer live music in the summer. This sauna is separated into men's and women's sections and a bathing suit is required when not in the sauna itself. A mixed sauna is available for private events. Booking is not required, but it will make it easier to guarantee a visit. Student discounts are available as are towels for rent (€8.90). Entry fee €18 Monday to Thursday, €22 on weekends (3 hours access). "
"The iconic Allas Sea Pool is located on the water of the Baltic Sea. Open a year-round, this marine spa provides unique experiences for locals and visitors as well. Allas Sea Pool has three saunas, two warm water pools and one sea water pool, to which the water is pumped from nearby streams and filtered clean. Except the wellness facilities, there's a café, a restaurant and also the Allas Sky Bar."
"Alas Sea Pool – the hippest spot in Helsinki for a splash! Picture this: you, a pool, and the Baltic Sea doing its thing. No boring chlorine – just sea vibes, sun, and maybe a seagull or two. Whether you're a water fan or just after a cool dip, Alas Sea Pool is the place. Dive in for a different kind of swim in Helsinki. 🌊🏊‍♂️ "

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