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Villa Giulia

About Villa Giulia

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What people say

"Built in the 18th century as a private garden for the Viceroy of Sicily, Marcantonio Colonna, Villa Giulia boasts a rich past. Named after his wife, Giulia d'Avalos, it transformed into Palermo's first public park in the 19th century. Stepping inside Villa Giulia feels like entering a verdant sanctuary. Lush vegetation, predominantly featuring Mediterranean flora, creates a refreshing atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing stroll or a picnic lunch amidst the greenery. The park's design reflects the principles of Italian garden style, characterized by symmetry and geometric shapes. Long, intersecting main paths lined with trees lead to a central circular clearing, offering a sense of order and tranquility. Dotted throughout the park are sculptures that add artistic flair and historical intrigue. The captivating Fontana dell'Atlante, featuring a figure of Atlas holding a dodecahedron clock, and the statues adorning the esedra (curved bench) are some noteworthy examples. Interestingly, Villa Giulia's western border seamlessly transitions into the Palermo Botanical Garden. This allows visitors to extend their exploration and discover a wider variety of plant life beyond the park's curated selection."

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