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No Mafia Memorial

About No Mafia Memorial

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What people say

"The No Mafia Memorial, also known as the No Mafia Museum, isn't your typical monument glorifying historical figures or battles. Instead, it stands as a powerful symbol of resistance against organized crime and a dedication to a future free from mafia influence. Here's a closer look at this unique institution: A Space for Remembrance and Education: Located in Palermo's historic Palazzo Gulì, the No Mafia Memorial was established in 2007. It serves as a place to remember the victims of mafia violence and educate visitors about the complex issue of organized crime in Sicily. Exhibits and Storytelling: The No Mafia Memorial utilizes various mediums to tell its story. Permanent and temporary exhibits showcase photographs, documents, and multimedia installations. These displays chronicle the history of the mafia in Sicily, highlighting its rise to power, its impact on society, and the ongoing fight against it. Stories of Courage: A significant focus of the No Mafia Memorial is honoring the brave individuals who stood up to the mafia. These include journalists, law enforcement officials, politicians, and ordinary citizens who dared to fight for justice. Their stories serve as an inspiration for future generations. A Beacon of Hope: The No Mafia Memorial doesn't dwell solely on the darkness of the mafia's grip. It also highlights the positive aspects of the anti-mafia movement. Visitors can learn about the work of NGOs, social enterprises, and individuals who are actively working to build a better future for Sicily, free from mafia influence. Open to All: The No Mafia Memorial is a welcoming space for visitors from all walks of life. Exhibits are informative and engaging, making them accessible to a wide audience. The memorial offers guided tours, making the experience even more enriching. A Symbol of Resilience: The No Mafia Memorial stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Palermo and Sicily. It reminds us that even in the face of adversity, hope and the fight for justice can prevail. By educating future generations and inspiring continued action, the No Mafia Memorial plays a crucial role in creating a future free from mafia control."
"The No Mafia Memorial in Palermo left a deep impression on me. It's a place that dives into the roots of the Sicilian mafia and explores its profound impact on the region. Filled with photographs and newspaper clippings, sharing the history of Sicily's history. The museum is located in a historic part of the city, and the best part? It's free to visit, but they appreciate donations. If you're in Palermo and want to learn about this side of Sicily's past, this is worth a stop. "

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