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About Montreal

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What people say

"Even though living during the Winter season (the coldest Winter of my life), Montréal stole my heart. It's one of my favorite cities. I'm not really a city person, but I would live here. Unfortunately, I had to leave earlier than expected because COVID-19 started. It was a hard decision to take. I was doing my academic exchange there, studying at the University of Québec (UQAM). I could afford living this period of time without earning any money after saving enough during my second season working in Norway and working while I was studying in a clothes shop. "
"Just three hours by coach you can reach Montréal, the MOST AMAZING CITY EVER! I just fell in love with this city straight away when I first got there. Amazing skyscrapers, cute spots, a mix of old and new that goes hand in hand, the Vieux Port.. As a big city, it offers a wide range of activities to do such as festivals and the MTL zipline, markets, expositions ... Just choose what suits you!"

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