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Vanha Kauppahalli

About Vanha Kauppahalli

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What people say

"Stepping away from the bustling Helsinki Market Square and into the historic district of Katajanokka lies the Old Market Hall, a haven for gourmands and a vibrant testament to Helsinki's culinary heritage. Built in 1889 by architect Gustaf Nyström, this red-brick gem with its arched windows and decorative details wasn't always the haven it is today. Originally, it served as a practical marketplace, a place where fishermen could peddle their fresh catches and farmers could sell their seasonal produce. Over time, the Old Market Hall has undergone a charming transformation. A complete renovation in 2012-2014 revitalized the space, retaining its historic character while adding modern amenities. Today, the market boasts a delightful medley of stalls and shops brimming with the very best Finnish delicacies. Indulge in the freshest seafood imaginable – plump salmon, glistening oysters, and an array of lesser-known Nordic fish, all displayed on beds of crushed ice. Sample traditional Finnish rye bread, its dark, dense texture a delightful contrast to its creamy accompaniments. Lose yourself in the aroma of freshly baked pastries, perhaps a sweet cardamom bun or a flaky berry tart. Local artisans showcase their talents as well, offering hand-crafted chocolates, artisanal cheeses, and jars of homemade jams and pickles."
"Vanha Kauppahalli, Helsinki's historic market hall, is a culinary haven bursting with local flavors. Walking through its vibrant stalls, the scent of fresh produce and traditional Finnish delicacies fills the air. From smoked salmon to artisan cheeses, each vendor tells a story of Helsinki's rich gastronomic heritage. The lively atmosphere and friendly vendors create a unique and immersive experience. For food enthusiasts and travelers eager to explore Helsinki's culinary scene, Vanha Kauppahalli is a must-visit destination, offering a delicious journey through Finnish traditions."
"The oldest Market Hall of Helsinki, fresh fish and meats, lovely cheeses, truffles and shellfish await. Among other things, the Old Market Hall is also famous for its tasty salmon soup and fish sandwiches, which people are known to have travelled long distances for! The Old Market Hall will also provide you with convenient lunch options for a trip to Suomenlinna, for example. The ferry departs from Helsinki Market Square, very close to the Old Market Hall."

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