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Roosevelt Island

About Roosevelt Island

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What people say

"You can get there by subway (on the F line) or the Tram using your metro card. We highly recommend the tram since it gives you a bird’s eye view of both the island and Manhattan. Plus there has not been a sighting of the Green Goblin attacking Trams in a while so you are probably safe! It can take 2-3 hours to leisurely walk the entire perimeter of the island, but if you don’t want to walk as much, just walking to the southern tip is your best bet! The abandoned smallpox hospital is a reminder of what the island's purpose was in the last century. And the Four Freedoms State Park is not only a tribute to a great president, but one of the most fantastic views of both Manhattan and Queens. It was great to feel the sea breeze and fresh air for a couple hours. I would highly recommend it! "
"Okay, not technically a park or in Manhattan but it's worth the mention and easy to travel to. Visitors can experience the cool sky tram that transports people from Manhattan across the East River and onto the Island. Once on Roosevelt Island, it's an easy walk as the island is only 1.5 miles long and 1/8 miles wide. There's open green spaces, historical structures, artwork, and even university buildings. "
"Roosevelt Island, nestled in the East River between Manhattan and Queens, is accessible by tram, subway, or bridge. It offers serene parks and attractions like the Four Freedoms Park and the Roosevelt Island Tramway."

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