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What people say

"Here鈥檚 everything you need to know before visiting!猡碉笍 馃彌锔廌uring peak season (summer months) it will be busy and there鈥檚 never really a time when it won鈥檛 be busy. We tried going early (right when it opened) and it was still packed. That being said, it was still an enjoyable experience and I鈥檓 glad we went! 馃彌锔廦ou should definitely purchase tickets ahead of time! There鈥檚 a line for tickets and then a line to get in. If you already have your tickets, you can skip that line! 馃彌锔廔f you are walking to the Acropolis there is a steep incline to the entrance. Once you actually get through the entrance there is more of an incline to get to the top of the hill. Just prepare for a bit of workout! You can take a taxi which will drop you off fairly close to the main entrance. 馃彌锔廦ou cannot bring much into the actually sight itself. Bigger bags/backpacks, strollers, food/drink (with the exception of water) are not allowed inside!"
"The Acropolis, perched majestically on a rocky hill in the heart of Athens, is an iconic testament to the grandeur of Ancient Greece. This ancient citadel, crowned by the resplendent Parthenon, offers a glimpse into the architectural and intellectual achievements of the Greek civilization. As you ascend the sacred rock, you'll be greeted by the awe-inspiring Erechtheion, with its enchanting Caryatid statues, and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, a remarkable theater that still hosts performances today. The Acropolis is not merely a collection of ruins; it's a living testament to the enduring legacy of human creativity, artistry, and cultural significance. Explore its marble temples, take in the panoramic views of Athens, and let the whispers of history envelop you as you stand amidst the relics of one of the world's greatest civilizations."
"La Acr贸polis de Atenas es uno de los sitios arqueol贸gicos m谩s emblem谩ticos y reconocidos del mundo. Visitar la Acr贸polis de Atenas es una experiencia inolvidable. Los visitantes tienen la oportunidad de explorar los templos antiguos, admirar la arquitectura cl谩sica, aprender sobre la historia de la antigua Grecia y maravillarse ante la grandeza de este lugar hist贸rico. Es un testimonio perdurable del legado cultural y arquitect贸nico de la antigua civilizaci贸n griega. ProTip: Si te gusta la historia, te recomiendo reservar un tour guiado porque en el sitio arqueol贸gico hay muy poca informaci贸n para que leas por tu propia cuenta. Yo comet铆 el error de no hacerlo y era como mirar solo ruinas y piedras. Tener la informaci贸n y la explicaci贸n har谩 de esta una experiencia mas amena. "

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