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Boka Waterfall

About Boka Waterfall

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What people say

"With a cascading height of 144 meters (472 feet) and a width of 18-20 meters (59-66 feet), it's one of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe. The sheer power of the Boka Waterfall is particularly evident during spring and autumn when the snow melts and rainfall increases, causing the water flow to reach its maximum of up to 100 cubic meters per second. During these periods, the waterfall's roar can be heard from a great distance, and the sight of the cascading water is truly awe-inspiring. While the Boka Waterfall is not the highest in Slovenia, its width and water volume make it truly unique. The waterfall plunges from a karst spring in a rock face beneath the Kanin mountain group, creating a mesmerizing display of raw power and natural beauty."
"If you book a kayak tour you'll likely spot this waterfall on your way down the river. The best times are when the rain fall was high (spring / fall / after a storm). You can see the waterfall from the view point below or hike in to get full action views!"
"Slovenia's majestic waterfall. A powerful cascade amidst picturesque alpine scenery. A must-see for nature lovers."

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