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Monmouth Coffee

About Monmouth Coffee

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What people say

"I stumbled across Monmouth coffee early one morning. Monmouth Coffee is as a saviour for coffee lovers in a city traditionally known for its tea. It's not just a place to grab a quick cup; it's an experience, offering a chance to taste and buy beans from around the globe. Their approach is meticulous, sourcing and roasting beans from single farms, estates, and cooperatives, ensuring a fresh and diverse selection. The Covent Garden shop, originating in 1978, is a cozy yet bustling spot where you can enjoy the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee. Whether you're a coffee snob or just looking for a warm cup, Monmouth is a memorable visit with its focus on quality, fair trade, and genuinely passionate service​"
"If you're a tourist coming to London, this is the first place I'd recommend you go. It's famous for a reason. Unlike almost everywhere else in Europe they are also known to have great brewed coffee aside from espresso drinks! If you're American this is huge. The Covent Garden (not Borough Market) location is also a slightly better bet for avoiding crowds. "
"Coffee as it should be. High quality and handcrafted. 💡Note they no longer offer to go disposable cups with their takeaway orders, if you'd like your drink to take away you need to purchase one of their reusable cups for £5 (or bring your own), if you return the reusable cup you get your £5 back."

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27 Monmouth St, London WC2H 9EU, UK
+44 20 7232 3010
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