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Oculus Center

About Oculus Center

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What people say

"🇪🇸 Es un lugar popular para visitar y tomar fotografías debido a su diseño impresionante y único. Ademas de ser una estación de tren, también es un centro comercial que cuenta con más de 100 tiendas y restaurantes. El diseño del Oculus Center se inspiró en la forma de una paloma en vuelo y cuenta con una gran cantidad de vidrio, acero y luz natural. 🇺🇸 It is a popular place to visit and take photographs due to its impressive and unique design. In addition to being a train station, it is also a shopping center that features over 100 stores and restaurants. The design of the Oculus Center was inspired by the shape of a soaring dove and features a large amount of glass, steel, and natural light."
"They have always have a neat Christmas Display if you're visiting around the holidays. I don't actually recommend shopping here. I just think it's a cool futuristic looking mall/transit hub that is worth walking through for some epic photos. It was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. He intended it to resemble a dove leaving a child's hands. If you're looking to pick up an Apple Product they do have an Apple store inside that I've shopped at."
"The Occulus Centre is designed to represent the strength and resilience of NYC after 9/11. The design represents a dove leaving a child's hands. It is a transport, retail and dining hub in the Financial District. It is worth at least popping in to admire the architecture. You could also stop here for lunch."

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