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Bellevue Beach

About Bellevue Beach

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What people say

"Bellevue is popular with locals as a swimming and cliff-jumping beach spot while the whole area serves as a local water polo enthusiast’s paradise. Due to its location, facing southeast, there is plenty of shade on the beach from the early afternoon so it is a great spot to go swimming if you like to avoid the strong summer heat. Alternatively, if you are after the sun, the best time to enjoy this beach is in the early morning. During the windy days, the waters here can be pretty rough so make sure you stay safe. "
"This was hands down our favorite beach. It was a bit of a trek for us to get to, but well worth it. When you arrive you have to walk down into the cove. We loved the little concrete area we could just relax on comfortably and jump into the ocean when we felt like it. The view was incredible and the water was picture perfect. "
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"Hidden behind the Hotel Bellevue, Bellevue Beach is a small, yet stunning pebble beach offering a peaceful escape from the bustling Dubrovnik city center. Its secluded location amidst rocky bluffs creates a charming atmosphere, attracting visitors seeking relaxation and natural beauty. "

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