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Montjuïc Castle

About Montjuïc Castle

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What people say

"the view of Barcelona is a majestic spectacle, a sprawling canvas of urban sophistication against the backdrop of the azure Mediterranean Sea. Perched on the Montjuïc mountain, this historic fortress not only offers stunning vistas but also carries tales of resilience. Originally built in 1640, the castle has witnessed centuries of history, from military stronghold to a symbol of democracy. It stands as a silent sentinel, offering both panoramic beauty and a glimpse into Barcelona's enduring past."
"This castle and fort date all the way back to 1640! You can go inside for a small fee or simply walk around to enjoy the impressive walls and catch a glimpse of the gardens. 💡Helpful Hints: - In the summer, the Castle hosts outdoor concerts and open air movie screenings. Check the dates to see if you can catch one! - Admission is free every Sunday after 15:00 and all day the first Sunday of each month. "
"1 PM - This is a hilltop fortress with nice city views. The most convenient and time-saving way to get here seems to be by car. Hours of operation: March 1-October 31 from 10-8 PM (box office closes at 7:30 PM). November 1-February 28 from 10-6 PM (box office closes at 5:30 PM) After visiting the castle, you can explore the nearby gardens"

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