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"Nara was the first capital of Japan and for this reason it is considered the cradle of Japanese culture, art and literature. Here there are important temples and a huge park in which thousands of deer roam undisturbed. 👣How to get there: Take the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen train to Kyoto from Tokyo's Shinagawa Station. Once you arrive at Kyoto Central Station take the Kintetsu Limited Express to Nara. 📍Distance: 513 km 🎟️Ticket cost: the prices of the visit depend on the attractions you decide to visit once you arrive in Nara. "
"Nara, Japan’s historic capital, boasts Nara Park where deer roam freely. These revered creatures add a unique charm to the city’s cultural landscape. Todai-ji Temple houses the Great Buddha, an awe-inspiring bronze statue, while Kasuga Taisha Shrine’s vibrant vermilion structures and stone lanterns showcase Shinto traditions. Nara-machi’s preserved streets offer a glimpse of traditional Japan through antique shops and well-preserved houses, completing the city’s immersive blend of history and charm."
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Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is an eclectic city, an incredible mix of imperial palaces, sanctuaries, temples, but also cutting-edge neighborhoods full of huge skyscrapers and gigantic video. Many of Tokyo's neighborhoods are like small cities, each with a different character: for example Shibuya is the district of young people, Akihabara of manga and electronics, Asakusa with its ancient temples and Ginza of luxury. Often you just need to get on the metro and get off at the next stop to see something completely different. In this guide I don't just want to give you a list of things to see but I want to guide you to discover Tokyo through its neighborhoods. By following an itinerary that is too precise you risk seeing the main attractions so quickly that you pass from one neighborhood to another without savoring the magic of the neighborhood itself. As everyone often says: "You either love Tokyo or you hate it" and there are no truer words than these. Unfortunately, Tokyo is a huge metropolis and at first glance it could give you a headache or even stun you! In this guide you will find everything you need to best organize your trip to discover the greater Tokyo.. Inside you will find: 🗓️Best Time to visit 🚊Transportations 🏨 Where to stay 🏛️What to visit ☕️cafés 🍽️restaurants 🍹cocktail bar and nightlife 🎭activities ✨unusual places 📌1,3 and 6 day itineraries. 🎒excursions around Tokyo. And lots of other information and advice that will help you better plan your stay... Happy reading!👀
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