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Johnston Canyon

About Johnston Canyon

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What people say

"Drive to Johnston Canyon, about an hour and a half from Cochrane. Putting Johnston Canyon into your maps app will get you to the trailhead. Before you go, make sure you check the trail conditions to ensure the sections you want to complete are open. When you arrive, there will be parking lots on both sides of the street. The one closest to the trail head is smaller and often fills up. The parking lot on the other side is much larger and is only a few extra steps away. Both parking lots have bathrooms. The canyon is an out and back trail with three distinct sections, so you can choose how long of a hike you want to do. The lower falls section is about 1.2 km from the trailhead and takes an hour for a round trip. The upper falls trail is 1.3 km from the lower falls and is a 2 hour round trip. These to sections take you through the canyon and you'll see seven different waterfalls! This creates a 5 km for a round trip hike. I recommend allowing lots of extra time so you can stop and really appreciate all the views, the frozen waterfalls are breathtaking. The first two sections of the trail are easy and not very steep. In the winter you will benefit from having ice cleats. It can be possible to complete the hike without them but your life will be much easier on the short steep sections if you have them. Once you reach the upper falls, there is an option to continue up to the Inkpots. We chose not to do this section of the hike as we still had a lot of exploring to do. While the ink pots do not freeze in the winter, I personally feel that they are more beautiful in the summer. If you choose to add this section of the trail to your day, you will hike approximately 12 km with 579 meters of elevation gain from the trailhead to the ink pots and back. Adding the ink pots also increases the difficulty of the hike to moderate. We brought along sandwiches for lunch and ate them at the lower falls."
"Johnston Canyon is a great family hike located along Highway 1A! Johnston Canyon is a great spot for hikers of all experience levels. With different lookouts along the way, you'll have the opportunity to stop at the Lower Falls or continue to the Upper Falls. For those looking for a longer hike, you can continue past the Upper Falls to the Ink Pots. I've visited Johnston Canyon many times but haven't been past the Upper Falls yet. Lower Falls ⏱️ 1 hour 🥾 2.75 km round-trip Upper Falls ⏱️ 2 hours 🥾 6 km round-trip "
"Johnston Canyon is a natural wonderland that invites you to wander through a spellbinding world of water and rock. The trail weaves along suspended catwalks and bridges, guiding you deep into the heart of the canyon, where crystal-clear waters cascade into emerald-hued pools and ancient geological formations reveal the captivating story of time. Hiking through Johnston Canyon is a journey into the very essence of nature's artistry, where the forces of water and earth converge to create a symphony of beauty and wonder."

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