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Flying Fishbone

About Flying Fishbone

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What people say

"Located right by the water's edge, Flying Fishbone Restaurant in Aruba embodies a truly laid-back island experience. You can literally dine with your toes in the sand while savoring a seafood-centric menu. The setting is intimate and romantic, and it's all about enjoying the sea's gentle lullaby. To secure your beachside table, make sure to make a reservation. Get ready for an unforgettable, feet-in-the-sand dining adventure! One of my favorite restaurants!"
"Great food. I don't recommend a table in the water, though it seems instagram worthy, once the tide comes in your screwed. We enjoyed a table in the restaurant and laughed at those in the water"
"An experience you can't miss! The Flying Fishbone features on-beach dining where some tables are right in the water. Tip: wear sandals or shoes that are easily removed! "

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