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"Just off F35, a few miles in on F347 you find one my favourite spots in the Highlands. This pretty large geothermal hotspot is defined by its yellow, orange hills with white spots of snow and hot water streams creating steam that floats through the area. This location is not only photogenic, but also a joy for hiking, so definitely dedicate at least half a day to this location. The hiking paths are built out (a lot of stairs) and generally easy, but remember it goes up and down quite a bit. Watch out: Needs a rugged, high clearance 4x4 car to get to the parking lot, otherwise park at the campground and hike. PHOTO TIPS You definitely want to pick a sunny day to capture this location as the sun light brings the contrast, colours, and depth of this location to life. With the sun in your back (around 10am - 2pm) you can then capture the entire landscape from different angles while exploring various hiking paths. There is not one spot you can get a great shot from, it is worth wandering around and finding your own composition GEAR TIPS I recommend bringing a wide angle lens on that hike, but a standard zoom is also great to have to capture some of the details you will spot in the hills, like the minerals from the hot springs that sit within those hills. "
"Kerlingarfjöll is an Icelandic marvel nestled in the captivating highlands. Discover the ethereal charm of vibrant rhyolite mountains and immerse in the soothing embrace of bubbling hot springs. Traverse untamed trails that lead to spellbinding vistas, painting cherished memories of a truly enchanting paradise."
" Only when the weather allows, typically summer. This is one of the most stunning places in Iceland."

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The map is massive and information intensive. It contains more than 150 places all around iceland, including: - How to see and prepare for the Aurora Borealis - All the itinerary of our 350€, 5 days budget trip (note: flight was included in the price). - Must see natural wonders - Places for summer hiking / camping - Hostels and Guesthouses (for winter) - Grocery shops and supply stores - Game of Thrones locations The objective of this map, for high aurora activity years like 2024 and 2025 is to allow every human, irrespective to their budget, to live such a breathtaking experience. The guide however, also includes options for Summer Hikers to explore the highlands of Iceland, resting in huts for cheap prices, or go free by camping in tents. You will here also find a highlight for the best spots and viewpoints. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Guide Contains the following sections: 1. Preparation 2. Northern Lights 3. Our 350€ Itinerary - Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 - Day 5 Extra: Ring Road - Nature (along the ring road) - Nature (summer crossing only) - Nice Viewpoints - Accommodation: Huts & Camping Grounds - Accommodation: BnB & Guesthouses - Game of Thrones Locations - Tiny Houses and Villages - Hot Springs & Beaches - Animal Colonies - Caves, Canyons & Ravines - Culture, Shops & Museums ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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