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Wicho & Charlie's

About Wicho & Charlie's

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What people say

"I can’t express every emotion here but I’ll try my best. I am not an athletic or outdoorsy person but I reserves this experience as a challenge for myself and I’m so glad I did. Wicho and Charlie is an agency that sets you up for success providing guides, transportation, food, clothing and and unforgettable experience for a great price. You’ll check in at 7am and get debriefed while checking out your gear and prepping with breakfast and water. You’ll then load a bus that takes you 50mins away to the start of the hike. We started hiking at 10am and took about 6 10min breaks and an hour lunch break throughout. The hike is very challenging but rewarding and worth it. Around 4pm we reached base camp and celebrated with hot chocolate, a nap, and games and dinner. The next morning we headed down at 7:30am and reached the bottom at 10am since it had rained and it was very slippery coming down. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- TravelingRosas"
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"Your starting point for the Acatenango Volcano hike! This is where you will receive a trip briefing, rent any gear, store your luggage, and depart for the hike. The website has answers to any and all questions about the hike. There are other companies that offer cheaper Acatenango hikes, but I really enjoyed my experience with Wicho & Charlie's. They were incredibly professional and support the local community by hiring local guides and porters (and paying them fairly). I also liked that Wicho & Charlie's offer actual shelters at base camp, as opposed to just tents. "
"The tour group I went with - and would definitely recommend. The guides were great and the fellow travelers were so fun to interact with! Their basecamp also includes a cabin (very bare bones), which is much better than the tents that a lot of companies go with."

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