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What people say

"This was the very first highland location I have ever visited because the F35, the gravel road that gets you there, is not only one of the first to open up (~early June) but it also does not require you to cross any rivers (so a Dacia Duster could take you there). This location has a camp ground, a restaurant, and my favourite amenity of this spot - hot water pool. Definitely recommend taking a relaxin bath in the silky warm water while the cold wind cools down your head. PHOTO TIPS Here you have to hope for a sunny or only partly overcast day so that the colours of this geothermal hotspot really pop. Both times I went it was completely foggy and the colours of the hot springs looked a little more dull, though those conditions allow to create a mystic feel in your photos. A path will take you to a variety of geothermal features so you can get quite a diverse selection of shots. I encourage you to also think abstract about your compostions as this place allows you to create the feeling of being on a different planet. GEAR TIPS If you have a macro lens, this is a great location to bust it out. Since the wooden paths are on top of the geothermal features of this location you can take the opportunity to get on your knee and capture some close ups of mini vents spewing out hot water or accumulations of different minerals creating a compelling colour play."
"As we travel along F35, the road guides us to the geothermal wonderland of Hveravellir. This place is like a dream, an otherworldly realm of steaming geothermal vents, bubbling hot springs, and lively mineral deposits. Here, instead of buildings and artworks, the architecture is crafted by nature itself. The landscape is a canvas of stunning hues – yellows, oranges, and reds – painted by the mineral-rich waters seeping from the earth. The steam rising from the ground creates a futuristic atmosphere, reminiscent of a science fiction novel."
"Hard to access but very nice:) for free if you are staying on the campsite"

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