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AlKarak Castle

About AlKarak Castle

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What people say

"Also referred to as "Krak of the Moab" and "Krak of the Desert", the Crusader castle in Kerak has a long history - almost 1,000 years. The structure was initially build in 1142. After several sieges by non-Crusader forces, most notably by Salah ad-Din's army, never resulted in the Crusaders losing control. At least until the 1180's when the Crusader forces were on the wane. From then on, Kerak and its castle was an important administrative center for the Ayubid dynasty in Egypt and eventually for the Ottomans later on. Along the way, various additions were added to the site. Unfortunately, much of the castle was destroyed over time - specifically during a peasant uprising in the 1830's. Overtime materials were used to make gunpowder until the Ottomans "re-fortified" the site on a much smaller scale. The castle today is more ruins than a full structure. UNESCO actually deemed that there are structures in better shape with similar functions and histories to get the World Heritage Site designation. However, Kerak's history is impressive. And the fortress is immense compared to other castles like Ajloun (however nice Ajloun is). Today you can explore a great deal of the castle, including the courts set up by the Frankish kings, the chapel built on site, the fortification walls, and even some of the towers built over time. Visiting Kerak should be a top priority for history buffs traveling the King's Highway. If you want to learn more, make sure to visit the museum, but this is a different listing. As Kerak itself is not a great place to stay overnight, I would recommend budgeting about an hour and a half for the castle, forty five minutes for the museum, and some time for lunch before heading southward to Dana and Petra."
"❗️Note that if you suddenly find you have a friendly chap following you around telling you about the castle, he is a local guide who will expect a tip at the end of the tour. ❗️ Don't forget good shoes, water and a torch! Find out from your guide why they built the archways to the rooms and halls so small. Who is the fastest in the family? Find out with a race in the Great Hall."

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