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Aqaba Fortress

About Aqaba Fortress

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What people say

"During the 1910's, a major revolt against the ruling Ottomans was beginning to occur as Arabs - specifically Hussein bin Ali, the ruler in Mecca - wanted to unite Arabs living under the Turks. A major part of this movement involved attacking the Aqaba Fort and claiming the southern portion of the Levant as Arab. Coincidently, the British happened to be fighting the Ottomans as well in the Great War (World War I). As a result, the British backed this effort, specifically through a military general named TE Lawrence, who collaborated with Hussein bin Ali's son Faisal. Lawrence is immortalized in the film Lawrence of Arabia, which includes a depiction of the Arab capturing of the Aqaba Fort. After World War I concluded, the British handed control of Jordan to Hussein bin Ali's family - the Hashemite's - who have ruled Jordan ever since! Today the fort's remains houses a small archeology museum and allows you to explore the ramparts. The fort's ramparts date back to the 1500's and allow you to have an inside view to one of the Arab World's most important events. There is a small admission fee (less than 5 JD) that will be collected when you visit. No more than 30 minutes are required to see the site."
"For a czech person nothing special just old walls "

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