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False Idol

About False Idol

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What people say

"The False Idol, tucked away in San Diego's vibrant Little Italy, has swiftly become one of the city's must-visit cocktail destinations. Access to this hidden speakeasy is uniquely part of the experience. Concealed within Craft & Commerce, a trendy restaurant and bar, the entrance to False Idol can be found behind a door camouflaged as a walk-in cooler. The unexpected transition from the urban chic of Craft & Commerce to the tropical oasis of False Idol is nothing short of magical. For reservations, your best bet is to book through their website or call ahead, as the place can get pretty busy. Reservations are particularly recommended for weekend visits. The cocktails at False Idol are a masterclass in Tiki tradition with a twist. Signature drinks such as the Alkala the Fierce, a potent mix of overproof and aged rums, lime, and spices, or the Fassionola Gold, with bourbon, lemon, and passion fruit, tend to be fan favorites. Cocktails generally fall within the $12-$18 price range. Beyond the delectable drinks, the unique ambiance sets False Idol apart. The bar is adorned with vibrant, Polynesian-inspired décor and a waterfall cascading over a flaming volcano is a truly mesmerizing sight. Don't forget to look up - the ceiling is decorated with hundreds of vintage mugs from famous Tiki bars. "
"Many a drunken nights have occured here, not going to lie i snuck in here and skipped the line once. Dont be like me and make these reservations far in advance in the link below. I woud say at least a week possibly two. And even farther during the holidays. This cozy speakeasy is all tiki all the time. Expect expertly crafted rum cocktails, firey group bowls, and immaculate vibes. What We Love: Mai Tai Scorpion Bowl Singapore Sling (not as sweet) Pearl Diver "
"This speakeasy is located within the restaurant Craft & Commerce, make reservations and head down to this trendy tiki bar. The cocktail menu is extensive and the ambiance is great with cool decorations, music and a lively crowd "

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