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"From the Petra Museum, you will then walk about 1 kilometer through a very open space. Make sure you either pack a hat or wear copious sunscreen as this area is really sunny as you return from the core of the site. As you look around, you will find a lot of different tombs and other carvings that date back to the Nabatean age - really a teaser of what is to come. You will then reach two giant rocks with a fairly large passage in between - the Siq. This is the entry corridor to the site. The Nabateans made sure this was the only entrance to the site so that this assisted in protecting the city. The Siq is about another 1 kilometer in distance; if the walk is starting to bother you, you can employ a horse and carriage to drive you into the center of the site. Along the way in the Siq, you will find lots of cool things. I really like the irrigation channels carved into the side of the passageway. There are also cool inscriptions along the way and even a few disparate trees which are quite cool. To be careful if you visit in late winter or early spring, as when the rains come in the Siq floods quite easily (like most desert canyons). You'll know you've reached the end of the Siq when you see quite an impressive façade."
"🌄 This incredible natural phenomenon is also a great escape from the natural elements and a place to cool off on the return trip. 🗿 Here you will notice a number of carvings into the rock - look out for the bedouin leading his camels. And also see the remains of how the city residents piped their water. 📷 Again enjoy this space and the early morning light for photo's but you will have a second chance on the way back in the middle of the day with few tourists. 🏎 It is possible to arrange a cart/camel back for those struggling but we found this section a good opportunity to cool down and slowly meander back to the hotel."
"You can get a donkey ride, golf buggy ride or walk. I recommend walking if able as you get to stop and enjoy the views within the gorge."
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