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About Strasbourg

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What people say

"Your next stop is Strasbourg, France. Step into a fairytale in the heart of Europe at Strasbourg's enchanting Christmas markets. The Strasbourg Christmas Market is the oldest market in France, dating back to 1570. "Nestled along the picturesque Rhine River, this Alsatian gem is renowned as the "Capital of Christmas" and boasts some of the most iconic and magical holiday markets on the continent. Strasbourg's historic Old Town becomes a festive wonderland, with its cobblestone streets adorned in a dazzling array of lights and decorations. The scent of gingerbread and roasted chestnuts fills the air, while carolers serenade visitors with timeless melodies. With its rich history, captivating ambiance, and an abundance of holiday cheer, Strasbourg's Christmas markets are a true embodiment of the magic of Christmas, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable holiday experience in Europe."
"The Alsatian capital, the city of Strasbourg represents the starting point for any trip to this region. This is considered the largest city in the area, but certainly don't expect a metropolis! Even though it is an area with a high wine vocation, the particularly surprising beer selection is not long in coming."
"Strasbourg is the capital city of the region which also makes it the biggest. This city is also known as the Capital of Christmas. It has huge Christmas markets spread around the city which is definitely worth checking out! 🎄"

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