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About Starbucks

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What people say

"I know...Starbucks?! But hear me out - this is one of the most beautiful Starbucks in the world! They have a huge, gorgeous patio thats perfect for taking a break in or doing some work for the day. And try out some of the local drink flavors! "
"I know what you may think, Starbucks, really? But hear me out. This is not your typical Starbucks. It's in a colonial building with a lovely patio and lots of places to sit and work while sipping on great coffee. Don't dismiss it right away. "
"A Starbucks, really? Ok ok, hear me out: The coffee will be the same, but the interior is worth seeing. This Starbucks is unlike other locations around the world—aka, a whole lot more cozy. Open until late too (10 PM). "

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