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Saadien's Tombs

About Saadien's Tombs

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"The Saadian Tombs (French: Tombeaux Saadiens) are a historic mausoleum complex in Marrakesh, Morocco, housing the remains of the Saadian dynasty that ruled Morocco from the 16th to the 17th centuries. The tombs are renowned for their intricate architecture, elaborate stuccowork, and captivating history. Constructed during the reign of Sultan Ahmed al-Mansour (1578-1603) as a necropolis for the Saadian royal family. Represents a fusion of Moroccan and Andalusian architectural styles, showcasing the Saadians' artistic and cultural heritage. Served as a burial ground for over 60 members of the Saadian dynasty, including sultans, princes, and princesses."
"The tombs in this complex date back to the late 1500's, specifically to the reign of Ahmed al-Mansur, a king who had some famous spats with the Ottoman Empire. All the tombs have been immaculately restored, specifically Ahmed al-Mansur's chamber which is shared with Sultans Moulay Zidan and Mohammed esh Sheikh es Seghir. This chamber, called The Chamber of the Twelve Columns, might be the most magnificent thing you see in all of Marrakesh. However, the site is disappointing outside of this room. But my goodness is the Chamber of the Twelve Columns stunning and may justify the admission cost alone "
"The Saadian Tombs are a 16th century burial ground of the Saadian dynasty, which ruled over Marrakech between 1524 and 1668. The mausoleums are beautifully-decorated and set amid a garden. The tombs were walled up by the following ruler (Alawite Dynasty) to keep his predecessors out of sight and mind, and was only rediscovered in the early 20th century when aerial photography exposed it."

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