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Nino 'u Ballerino

About Nino 'u Ballerino

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What people say

"In the boundless world of traditional Palermo street food, made up of places without a brand, social media or a fixed address, Nino U 'Ballerino is a notable exception: Nino is a meusaro - aka pusher of spleen sandwhich - that has risen to national fame thanks to his appearances in various television formats entitled to the world of street food 📺, as well as to his peculiar movements that transform the cooking and dripping of the meusa, the assembly of sandwich in a hypnotic dance 👯‍♀️. Although the shop has expanded from the window on the street that it was a few years ago to a sort of "spleen restaurant-pizzeria della spleen" with internal rooms and outdoor areas, the pani ca meusa (lung and spleen of veal boiled and sautéed in lard, then closed in a soft sesame bun) is always good, the meats soft and tasty, the soft and bite-sized bread to taste. Of course, the "frank" version, that is seasoned only with salt, pepper and lemon, and the "maritata" version with the addition of caciocavallo are available: to these must be added the now very rare "country" maritata, with a spread of fresh sheep's milk ricotta, and two or three "gourmet" variants that boast the addition of other ingredientslike fried eggplant 🍆."
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"Famous for their panino con la meusa (spleen sandwich), they also have many other options for sandwiches and Arancini "
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