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Haleakala Crater

About Haleakala Crater

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What people say

"This excursion was a bit challenging for me. I was so tired and definitely experienced a bit of altitude and car sickness which ended up making me struggle to get through the trip. The sunrise over Haleakala was amazing, and the bike ride was cool, but we honestly did not get to bike as much as I was expecting. It seemed to be more of a history/cultural tour and food was not included. I would recommend driving up to the park for sunrise one day yourself so you can time the trip better and then take a nap afterward. I think that would've made it much better for me personally."
"There are several hikes around the Haleakala crater area, ranging from 0.5 miles to 18 miles. Park Entry fee is $30, and available for 2 days. Parking is limited, especially around sunset/sunrise (you need special reservations for sunrise). If visiting for sunrise, you do need to make sunrise reservations (3 am to 7 am). These are very hard to get. You can follow the link to access reservation site. "

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