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The Federal Bar

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"Bar El Federal is one of over 70 of Buenos Aires' "Bares Notables." These are old, traditional cafe/bars where Argentines of literary, musical, and political fame used to meet and discuss ideas. Bar El Federal is one of 5 'Bares Notables' in the San Telmo neighborhood. The others are: Bar Sur, Bar Británico, La Poesia, and Bar Hipopótamo. These bars have well conserved Argentine history and tradition, which you'll see in photos and decorations on the walls. The insides are full of dark wood and give the feeling of stepping back in time. The menus in these restaurants are usually quite similar if not exactly the same. They have raviolis, gnocchis, and other pasta dishes, as well as several meat options (of course, this is Argentina)! There are also the standard cafe options with media lunas. They generally don't do lunch promos but have some of the best Spanish Tortillas in the city. We went on a Friday afternoon around 2:30 pm and had no problem to get a table inside or outside (the weekends do get pretty crowded and waits are longer). We ordered: Spanish Tortilla (highly recommended) Pumpkin ravioli with fileto sauce Turkey ravioli with 4 cheese sauce Three item salad Lemonade The total was 4780 pesos (About $20 USD) I've tried several of the pastas here, and the pumpkin ravioli is the absolute best. I prefer it with the mushroom sauce. "
"Try the Spanish tortilla (omelet) and a picada (charcuterie board) at this historical bar."

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I have been living in Argentina for the past year (plus 5 months in Buenos Aires back in 2005). This is one of my favorite cities in the entire world, and I want to share with you what makes it so great. This 10 day itinerary begins on a Friday morning, and is arranged according to market schedules, or other events in the city that fall on particular days. But you can certainly do the activities out of order, and fit them to your schedule as needed. I have planned this 10-day itinerary to allow you to maximize your days, and hours in this amazing city, but still allow you to enjoy the small moments without feeling overwhelmed, and get rest when needed. I have spent around 100 hours researching, writing descriptions to give detailed information of every place mentioned in this itinerary, visiting and testing out each day; they are all genuine recommendations. I have carefully planned out and timed each activity, including transportation and time moving between sites. I have also linked related articles and videos from my blog and YouTube channel. This itinerary will provide you not only with daily activities, but information on how to get the best exchange rate, how to stay safe, and information for transportation- how to get from spot to spot, so you can put as little time into planning as possible. Let me do that for you! :) This is not the ideal itinerary for those seeking the nightlife and parties. It is full of morning, daytime, and evening activities (with a few optional activities that go into the night) to help you get to know the culture of Buenos Aires and Argentina. It does not include nightclubs. This is a great itinerary if you are coming to Buenos Aires for the first time and you want to see all the important places, along with a few extra gems. This can also serve if you live in the city but have friends and family coming to visit. I've got it all planned out for you! I have included a lot of walking in this itinerary, though I have attempted to concentrate each day in one particular area of the city whenever possible. However, the city is full of transportation options if you prefer less steps due to accessability issues, or fatigue. I strongly suggest reading through the entire itinerary at the beginning of the week in case there are places where you need to make a reservation. If so, it will be listed at the top of each day.
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After immersing myself in this port city on the Río de la Plata, affectionately known as "BA" by locals, I crafted this guide for a friend with food, culture, and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Buenos Aires is a very walkable, though sprawling, European-feeling South American city made up of many distinct neighborhoods. Among them: trendy Palermo, Parisian-like Recoleta, Spanish Plaza de Mayo, bohemian San Telmo, vibrant Boca recalls Southern Italy. Italian, Spanish, and French heritage is tasted in its love for pizza, cheese, bread, meat, wine, and coffee. The guide includes both affordable and world-class restaurants and hotels, but mostly, find luxury in slow travel where you truly get to know the culture. Virtual explorers and trip planners alike, explore Buenos Aires with this interactive guide. Check out what to SEE + DO, where to EAT + DRINK, places to STAY + REST, and ways to COME + GO around Argentina's largest city. In addition to cultural immersion, this comprehensive guide provides: 1. Interactive map 2. Portable, mobile-first format 3. "Remixable" make-your-own itinerary 4. "Living" guide that receives updates This guide is intended for you to make your own. Explore at your own pace within your available timeframe. Visit all of the sites or just those that call to you. Skip around or simply glance on the way to your next meal. As a travel expert and creative, I built AMG Inspired to design quality architecture and support sustainable tourism, defined as “tourism that respects both local people and the traveler, cultural heritage and the environment.” Be sure to tag @amginspired in your photos.
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