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B&H Dairy

About B&H Dairy

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What people say

"This little hole-in the wall restaurant is one of the last remaining "Jewish" Diners in all of New York City. Opened, in 1938, it was once frequented by Jewish Immigrants new to the city. Today, it's not Kosher, but the spirit remains alive. It's stricly vegeterian. As someone who is Jewish, I can vouch for the quality of this spot. It's a real New York City experience. Where else in the East Village can you get a 12 oz Borscht or Matzo Ball Soup for $5.00? Or Challah French Toast for $8.00. They have so many items under $10, i'd need 20 more lines to show it. My personal picks here as a Jewish person would be: the Potato Pancakes (Latkes) 3 pcs for $8.00. Make sure to ask for Apple Sauce. For something more substantial, order an 8 piece Pieorgi Special or their Blintzes! Jewish Grandmother approved. They also bake their own Challah Bread. Make sure to try some at $1.50. "
"Breakfast available until 11am. "
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