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About Edinburgh

Get the inside scoop on Edinburgh from local experts, travel creators, and tastemakers. Browse genuine trip notes, Edinburgh reviews, photos, travel guides, and itineraries from real travelers and plan your trip with confidence.

What people say

" What is there to say about this magical city that has an already said by centuries of poets, artists, philosophers, and kings? It’s a place rich in history in medieval architecture, but so much more than that in the modern day. Edinburgh is a can’t-miss city for anyone. "
"One of our favourite cities in the world. The shopping, restaurants, history, views, architecture, romantic cobble stone streets, and the general ambiance is so amazing here. "
"Enjoy a day trip to Loch Ness, Glencoe, and the Scottish Highlands. Prepare for a long day of beauty, nature, and unpredictable weather. "

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