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Mānoa Falls Trail

About Mānoa Falls Trail

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What people say

" 1.7 mile out-and-back with an elevation gain of 633 feet. Mānoa Falls is probably Oahu's second best known trail and is a favorite for a reason. The falls at the end is great but this hike's true high point might be the amazing rainforest which you hike through to get to the falls. Wonder at the giant albizia's and mysterious banyans and you take in the fragrant air. The trail is mostly at a gentle slope if there hasn't been too much trail erosion from the rain. I think this is a good family friendly hike, just be sure to bring lots of water and be prepared to carry tired small children. I have seen some families attempting to bring strollers on the trail and I'll just say that, it's a mistake. The beginning of the trail may give the impression that a stroller can make it, but I assure you it is ill advised. There are not stairs exactly but at some parts there are large steps and the trail can be narrow at parts. Also to be expected is a crowd, this hike is quite popular and no one will appreciate having to scorch around your stroller. There is plenty of cover on this trail but still, don't skip the sunscreen and the bug repellent is a must. If there has been recent rain this trail can be real muddy, but the trade off is a more full waterfall. At the end there is a viewing area for the falls and signs all around warning to not cross the barrier. You will probably see many others ignoring the warnings of falling rocks, so just know you are taking your own life, and the lives of any children with you, in your hands if you choose to ignore the warnings. Another thing to know is that parking at the trail head costs $5 per car."
"Another option for an easy to moderate hike. This one can get quite muddy, so it's not advised to go during the rainy season. Driving is recommended as it is a bit further out."
"A 1.6 mile hike round trip to a popular 150 ft waterfall! "

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