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De Italiaan

About De Italiaan

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What people say

"No gluten-free guide of mine would be complete without including an Italian restaurant! Authentic Italian restaurants are like my safe place when we're traveling because I just know they're going to be much more educated on celiac disease than others. De Italiaan can make almost all of their pastas and pizzas gluten-free (and prepared separately, of course), you just have to ask! Gluten-free isn't listed on the menu but when I mentioned celiac disease to the waitress she immediately knew what I was talking about and explained how they handle everything. It was all super yummy and I felt completely safe. Oh, also, just to reassure you they know what they're doing...they told me they serve an average of 15-20 celiacs a night!"
"Neighborhood Italian restaurant with big patio covered by trees. Make a reservation and enjoy delicious pizza/pasta dishes. Cozy/quaint ambiance "

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