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About Vermuttino

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What people say

"This was my first bar visit to Turino years ago and still remains a firm favourite. The space is small the drinks are great especially if you want to taste vermouth. Russian Salad, grissini (Italian breadsticks which trace their heritage back to an Italian king who was told to eat ‘only crust’ to resolve his digestive issues) and tramezzino so they serve them a lot for Aperitivo and that's nice. - Sit out the front if its possible and just watch the world go by "
"A corner dedicated entirely to Vermouth. Here they have hundreds of different varieties and their bartender will work out the best one for your tastes. Very intimate and cozy space, it’s perfect for solo travelers or couples who really want to explore the world of Vermouth. If this is you first time trying it, the staff is very kind and enthusiastic and loves to share all about Vermouth. "

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