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"Ubicado en el corazón del Parque Nacional Marino Ballena. Este hotel glamping ofrece una combinación perfecta de comodidad y aventura, con tiendas de campaña bellamente diseñadas y maravillosos jacuzzis al aire libre."

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This 10 day itinerary and adventure guide to Costa Rica is the result of over 1 month spent exploring the country, dozens of hours of planning, and my in-person experience. It covers 3 regions of Costa Rica: La Fortuna, Santa Teresa, and Dominical/Uvita. These areas include a variety of waterfalls, hot springs, hikes, wildlife, beaches and much more which is why I decided to focus on these 3 specifically! The guide includes an fun features such as an interactive map, directions that connect directly to your phone’s Google or Apple Maps app, and the exact coordinates to some of my favorite hidden gems & activities. It lays out instructions to help you plan your perfect trip to this area including over 35 accommodation suggestions plus where I stayed myself, 13 waterfall locations, 4 hot springs experiences, 4 hiking destinations, 7 beautiful beaches, boat tours & island day trips, direct links to every resource you could need, exclusive photos and videos from me, and so much more! It’s mobile friendly when you download the Thatch App for free so you can easily access all of the info right from your phone! While the guide is laid out in a 10-day trip itinerary format, its designed to allow you the flexibility to pick what order you’d like to travel to each destination and choose what you want to do each day. It can easily be adjust for a shorter trip! I have hand-crafted this guide specifically for adventure travelers (like me!) and feel so confident you will have an amazing trip with this guide by your side 😏 As a part of your purchase of the guide, here are a few promises I can make you: 1. This is a LIVING guide: I will update it as I find more information and discover more places which means you have lifetime access to all updated information as it’s added! 2. I only make guides based on areas I have not only been to but know well! I have spent over 4 weeks exploring Costa Rica in order to narrow down the destinations & experiences I share in this guide. I include both activities that I have done myself as well as those that are on my bucketlist for next time I visit! I will always call out the ones I have not done yet and provide you the exact resources you need to experience them yourself! 3. These guides are completely transparent! You can be sure that all unfiltered opinions I provide are my own 🙃 If I include any sponsored information or affiliate links, I will be sure to call these out directly. I will only include these if they benefit you (such as a discount code or coupon!) Finally, this is the first time that I am releasing one of my photo presets!!! The preset comes for free included with this guide so you can edit all of your trip photos with that Costa Rica vibe - think rich blues, deep forest greens, and just a touch of grain. These are exclusively for my travel guides as I do not nor have I ever sold them anywhere else! This guide truly is everything you need to plan your entire trip all in one place. I can’t wait to hear & see your adventure! Feel free to send me a DM with your feedback & tag me in your photos! @katbennettphoto
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