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"The bounciest udon you'll ever eat. A queue is most likely, so arrive early (though I find the line moves reasonably fast. We arrived around 12:30pm on a Wednesday and waited 20 minutes.)"
"If you could only stay in Tokyo for a day, this is where I would send you for lunch."
"Must not miss Udon!!"
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A hotel room with an epilepsy warning? An omakase course of tea-based cocktails? I can't say for sure these are hidden gems, but after months of seeing everyone and their moms go to Japan since COVID reopening, I can say these were some of my favorite spots that I seldom saw people visit. Hi! I'm a Brooklyn-based tech journalist-turned-corporate comms editor. Early in my career I spent a stint as a luxury travel planner and writer specializing in Asia, and if I can toot my own horn, I'm often the friend everyone says "wth Natt, how do you find all these cool spots, drop that itin." (Fine, they don't say it like that, but you get the point). Travel planning is a great hobby for me, and I am writing this as both a journal to remember my trip by and to share with friends, hence the overly familiar tone you might find below. If you discovered this on the Thatch platform, consider giving my guide a shot and hopefully you'll find it useful for an adventuresome visit to Japan! This guide includes: ✈️ Pre and post-arrival pro-tips 🛌 Hotel, restaurant, and activity suggestions with some personal anecdotes (we vetted any Instagram vs realities!) 📍 Resources, databases, and things to make your journey more efficient and economical It is not: 📆 A list of daily itineraries ❓ "Beginner's guide to Japan" i.e. how to book JR trains, basic etiquettes, how to transfer from airport to city 🔝 The absolute best of the bests - opinions here totally my own
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If meticulous organization isn't your strong suit and you prefer freedom in your exploration, my "map & tips" solution is ideal for you. It provides a comprehensive map of places to discover, giving you the freedom to choose your activities. 🗺️ Here you'll find a detailed map covering Tokyo and the surroundings, and the Kansai region: Kyoto, Osaka, and their surroundings, with practical tips to enrich your experience: ✈️ Travel Tips: Practical advice for navigating Japan, including transportation tips, how and where to eat Kobe beef, managing SIM cards and currency exchange, and more. 🎭 Cultural Experiences: How to attend a sumo match, watch a geisha performance, and a map of places for an anime pilgrimage. 🏩 How to find the perfect accommodation, and choose the best area to stay in. ⚠️ Note that if you've already purchased my Complete Itinerary, it already includes all the necessary maps and tips. 🎍THIS IS A PURELY INFORMATIVE MAP WITH SELECTED LOCATIONS AND TIPS. NO DETAILED ITINERARY IS INCLUDED. For those seeking a more structured travel experience, my developed itineraries are the perfect solution. They are specifically designed for those who prefer to avoid the hassle of planning and wish to enjoy a nearly ready-made trip, with everything you need for a total immersion.
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🌸 My itinerary, thoughtfully crafted from my own experiences living in and exploring Japan, span 15 to 20 days of immersive travel. You're not just visiting; you're experiencing Japan's heart through my eyes. Here's what you can expect: 🗼 Kanto Region day by day itinerary : Explore Tokyo and the surrounding areas, including Kamakura, Mount Fuji 🗻, and Nikko. 🏯 Kansai Itinerary: Delve into the heart of Kansai with day-to-day plans for Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, and more. Plus, gain insights into less-explored areas that promise unique experiences. ☮️ Bonus Day in Hiroshima : As an added bonus, how to spend a day in Hiroshima. 📅 Each section is packed with additional ideas for exploring nearby locales. 🎍 Map to accompanies this guide, pinpointing all mentioned locations for your convenience. ✈️ Travel Tips : Benefit from practical advice on navigating Japan, including transportation tips , how and where to eat Kobe beef, managing SIM cards and currency exchange, and more. 🎭 Cultural Experiences : how to attend a sumo match , watch a geisha show and Anime Pilgrimage for anime fans, I've included a map and tips for embarking on an unforgettable anime pilgrimage. 🏩 How to find the perfect accommodation, and choose the best area to stay in. This itinerary is designed for those who really don't want to spend time on travel planning and prefer a nearly ready-to-go trip. If you're not a planning or itinerary person and desire more freedom in your planning, then my "map & tips" option is better suited for you. It's just the map with all the locations, allowing you to freely choose what you want to do.
Adventure • Architecture • Boutique • Coffee • Shopping • People & Culture • Photography • History • Foodie