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Pokémon Café

About Pokémon Café

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What people say

"Stepping into the Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo is like entering a vibrant, animated wonderland. The décor is a playful homage to the Pokemon universe, with Pikachu and friends adorning every corner. The menu, much like a Pokedex, features a delightful array of themed dishes and drinks that bring favorite Pokemon characters to the table in edible form. From Pikachu-shaped pancakes to Eevee-inspired parfaits, each dish is a whimsical culinary adventure. The attention to detail in presentation is as meticulous as a Pokemon trainer planning their next move, making every meal an Instagram-worthy masterpiece. I would say you are there for the experience, not as much so for the food. The Pokemon Cafe is a fun nostalgic journey for fans. Make sure to get reservations in advance on their website "
"For big time Pokemon fans! A cafe with limited edition items for sale as well as adorable food. There are always seasonal or promotional menu items, and you can buy the plates and mugs that are used in the cafe. There are also mascot plushies that you can only buy here, like Chef Pikachu. If you want to purchase any “special goods” you will have the opportunity to do so ONLY when you make a reservation. Bookings open days 31 in advance (from 6 p.m. JST), and fill up quickly. You must make a reservation by 10 p.m. the day before (no same-day reservations). Walk-ins are only accepted on rare days when there is an opening (or a cancellation). If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will lose your reservation."
"The Pokémon Café in Tokyo offers a playful dining experience with dishes and decor themed after the popular Pokémon franchise, making it an exciting destination for families and fans of all ages to enjoy a meal in a whimsically interactive environment."

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