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Goodsouls Kitchen

About Goodsouls Kitchen

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What people say

"GoodSouls is a special vegan place in the Old City 🌱. That's the plant-based place I heard the most about from some non-veggie friends! They all swear by their pancakes and burgers! But GoodSouls have much more to offer too: traditional Thai food, pizza, pasta, salads, healthy bowls and huge drinks menu. Everything is plant-based and outstanding. My personal favorite is their black sesame pancakes with homemade strawberry jam. I think the name says it all 🀀 πŸ‘€Β Be careful! They also have a long menu of desserts with a vast choice of vegan cakes 🀭 vegetarian option: πŸ‘Œ vegan option: πŸ‘Œ price range: πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ delivery available: 🐼🟩"
"Plant-based restaurant that has an inclusive menu that boasts Western food and classic Southeast Asian favorites."
" Vegan restaurant with wonderful smoothie bowls. Great choice when you just can’t eat more Pad Thai. "
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