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Kerid Crater

About Kerid Crater

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"You've checked the big three--Þingvellir National Park, Geysir, and Gullfoss--off your list. It's time for a leisurely drive back to Reykjavík. Not so fast. There are still a few stops you should make along the way. Kerið is one of them. Kerið is a colorful volcanic crater lake along Route 35 (the road that will take you from Gullfoss back to the Ring Road). Its caldera (the circular depression that forms when a volcano erupts and collapses) is still impressively intact. It's made of red, rather than black, volcanic rocks. Green moss lines its slopes. Blue-green water sits on the bottom. Plus you can easily hike around it. A one-mile loop trail circles both the top of the caldera and the lake inside it. You can now proudly say you've hiked a volcano. Note: Since the crater lake is on private property, the owners charge a small entrance fee to protect the land and maintain the paths."
"Kerid Crater is a magnificent volcanic crater located in Iceland, known for its stunning turquoise-colored lake at the bottom (which you won't be able to see during Winter). It is approximately 3,000 years old, 55 meters deep, 170 meters wide, and 270 meters in diameter, making it a visually striking natural wonder. If visiting in Winter, make sure to don your ice cleats if you decide to hike around the crater. "
"Kerið is approximately three thousand years old, making it roughly half the age of most volcanic calderas found in Iceland. This is the major reason as to why Kerið’s slopes are red in colour, rather than a volcanic black; the iron deposits are, geologically speaking, fresh. *entry fee of 500isk per person"

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