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About Tegalalang

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What people say

"One of the most famous attractions that Ubud has to offer is arguably the Tegallalang rice plantation. It gained its fame through the film "Eat, pray, love" with Julia Roberts. The rice terraces are definitely worth a visit, but be there as early as possible, you can imagine how crowded it can get. In case you can't find a "main entrance" right away - we just came in at one of the numerous entrances. You start your round at a different point depending on the entrance you choose. Price: 0€-6€/person Insider: We also weren´t ask to pay an entrance fee when we showed up at 7.45 am. (We came by scooter ourselves and cannot guarantee you the same with a driver!) "
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"Marvel at Rice Terraces: Visit the Tegallalang Rice Terraces and be captivated by the intricate and scenic landscapes. Explore Off the Beaten Paths: Venture into less crowded paths to discover hidden corners and experience the terraces more intimately. Try Local Cuisine: Visit a nearby warung (small eatery) to savor delicious Balinese dishes while enjoying the picturesque surroundings."

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